About The Step Forward Health Society

The Step Forward Health Society, headquartered in Delta, BC, exists to promote health by providing individuals, couples and families access to mental health support through qualified mental health counselling, and educational and group support programs.

Our mission is to reduce barriers to accessing mental health supports in the community.

We do this by providing access to qualified mental health programs for individuals, couples, and families and we work to eliminate financial barriers that would otherwise prevent access to these services.

We also provide education and training programs to promote health within schools and youth sports programs.

Our Mission

To reduce barriers to qualified mental health services and programming so that money does not get in the way of people getting the help they need.

Our Vision

A vibrant and flourishing community that places a strong emphasis on ensuring every member has access to the necessary support systems for their well-being and success.

Our Story

How We Got Started

We started as two separate groups of people who collaborated for years with the same vision.140 Sports Association, founded by Fred Wells, started with a mission to engage youth in mental health education and support through the local youth sports teams. The Step Forward Program started as an internal subsidy fund within Alongside You, an integrated health clinic founded by Andrew and Meg Neufeld. The fund, from 2015-2022 provided over $500,000 in subsidized services to the community through the generosity of their staff and associates, and local supporters.

Toward the end of 2022, it appeared to everyone at 140 Sports and Alongside You that it would make sense to merge the two programs under one charity, and thus, the Step Forward Health Society was born. Throughout early 2023 the 140 Sports Association was renamed the Step Forward Health Society, and the Step Forward Program was moved outside of Alongside You into the revamped charity.

Where We Are Now

Moving forward, it is everyone’s hope that the impact on the community will grow, and more members of the community will get involved in continuing the existing work, and creating new ventures to realize even more impact.

We are excited that we are all now united as the Step Forward Health Society, and we look forward to serving the community for many years to come!

The Step Forward Health Society is a registered charity in Canada, and our charitable registration number is #746484914RR0001.