Step Forward Program

The Step Forward Program provides access to qualified mental health programs for individuals, couples, and families and works to reduce financial barriers that would otherwise prevent access to these services. We have a carefully vetted network of professionals who are part of our program and offer services in the community.

Our Mission

The mission of the Step Forward Program is to lower financial barriers to accessing high quality mental health services in the community for those with demonstrated financial need. Our hope is that through this program, money will not get in the way of community members accessing mental health services.

Our Network

We have a wide network of mental health professionals that are carefully vetted and hold the highest professional designations and standards in their respective fields of expertise. The professionals in our network are aligned with our mission to lower financial barriers to accessing mental health services and have agreed to work with us to provide financially accessible services.

Our Impact

Since starting in 2015, our Step Forward Program has provided over $500,000 in subsidized services to the community. Through the collaborative efforts between our donors, corporate sponsors, and network of professionals, we have been able to empower countless members of the community to access much needed mental health supports.

Want to get involved?

Sponsor The Step Forward Program

We can only run the Step Forward Program through of the generosity of the people like you, who want to see members of the community receive the mental health help they need without money getting in the way. Would you join us in our mission?